This web site is dedicated to those whom made Camillus knives and to those whom still love them.

The plant closing on 2/28/2007 was an end to 131 years of history which I can only hope to display to the viewers.

With the help of many collectors whom have sent copies of the materials displayed here I hope you enjoy yourself and let me

 know if we can help you with any information.


Camillus History

Articles of interest 

Factory pictures and Site plans from1902- current.

Camillus Catalogs

Camillus Pricelists

Camillus Knives

Camillus Knives of WWII 1941-1945 (Art & Tom)


Camillus Blue Print of  Knives and Springs - 1952

Tom Williams 1st CD of info from the 1950's

Undated Items (need help!)





Westerns Pre-Camillus




The X-ray and other Camillus knives live on

Darrel's original designs and much more.



Rock USA in Camillus, NY and its Museum have closed


Discussion group on Facebook






And the Facebook Camillus Collectors Group link











Alex Ts Razor web site



A Link to Alex's Kastor List of Tang stamps (over 340)

Schrade Home Page

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