This web site is dedicated to those whom made Camillus knives and to those whom still love them.

The plant closing on 2/28/2007 was an end to 131 years of history which I can only hope to display to the viewers.

With the help of many collectors whom have sent copies of the materials displayed here I hope you enjoy yourself and let me

 know if we can help you with any information.


Camillus History

Articles of interest 

Factory pictures and Site plans from1902- current.

Camillus Catalogs

Camillus Pricelists

Camillus Knives

Camillus Knives of WWII 1941-1945 (Art & Tom)


Camillus Blue Print of  Knives and Springs - 1952

Tom Williams 1st CD of info from the 1950's

Undated Items (need help!)





Westerns Pre-Camillus




The X-ray and other Camillus knives live on

Darrel's original designs and much more.






New as of 2/2019 Rock USA in Camillus, NY


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Alex Ts Razor web site



A Link to Alex's Kastor List of Tang stamps (over 340)

Schrade Home Page

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